Learning and Change Management: Strategy, Design and Implementation

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Keynote Videos/Presentations --

ASTD Techknowledge 2011: Closing Keynote

Virtual Edge Summit 2011: Session - Why You Need a Collaborative Learning Environment (and what you'll be missing if you don't have one) - Please scroll down to the last presentation and click blue arrow to start

VizThink 2009:"Transferring Experience to Action" - Flash movie file

ACRIP 2009 - National Association of Human Resource Managers (Bogota', Colombia): e-Learning and Social Learning - An Organizational and Technological Change Initiative - Flash move file

Innovation In Education 2008 Summit Keynote: "The Future is Not What it Used to Be", contact: support@dublinconsulting.net

Innovations in Learning 2008 Conference, "Keeping Your Feet on the Ground ... While Your Head is in the Clouds", contact: support@dublinconsulting.net


Podcasts --

for Intellum: "Reflections"

for Evoke News: "Lance Dublin Up Close and Personal"


Articles --

CLO Magazine: "Formalizing Informal Learning (aka Poets And Prophets: New Roles for Learning Leaders)"  

Cutter Consortium: "Web 2.0 and Learning 2.0 Leading to Innovation 2.0"